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About Us

The small company feel is the real deal.

We have the capabilities of a large business, but hold strongly to the small company feel, including effective communication with real people, and creating lasting relationships built on trust and comradery.

We take pride in work well done, offer exceptional customer service, and perform each task with pure integrity. We hold ourselves to a set of very high standards to ensure our client's satisfaction at all costs.

If there is a specialty job that may be done better by a specialist, we will connect you with the right people that will excel at the task. Being around since 1972 has allowed us to form strong connections with so many in the industry that we can turn to when we - or you - need a hand. We will always find a way to help.

Prairie Building Maintenance started in the year 1972 with just one person, cleaning houses. It grew to become a family business and evolved into the company it is today, employing more than 50 employees all across Manitoba.

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